Today at 5:30. I will be at Piccadilly Sound in Florence. Come by and see me I have free posters and T-shirts to give away. Ciao Firenze!! Time for my first performance on my Little Italy Tour! Tonight at 10:30 I will be headlining the Bob Dylan Fest at Limonaia di Villa Strozzi but come by around 7 to hear all the other amazing acts paying tribute to the amazing songwriter :] One week from today, I will be in Italy!!!! Can't wait! Check the concert page for my schedule of appearances. Landon Azalea Festival! I am performing at 2 so come on by. I am going to Florence, Italy to perform for the Bob Dylan Festival, on May 29th. I am very excited! If you are in Italy, plan to get there. It will be over the top. the COOLEST thing just happened to me at Tin Pan South! After the show at the hard rock, I (somewhat creepily) showed Daphne Willis that we had the same guitar strap...AND SHE SWITCHED WITH ME!!! hm...wonder if this will make me a better writer? haha have a great weekend you guys :]


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