Christina Lundelius, usually known as, “Tina,” will be graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA this May 2016. Her time at Berklee has helped her develop her love of songwriting as well as spark her interest in her field of study, music publishing. This May, Tina will be graduating with a Bachelor’s of Music for the completion of the Music Business – Management Degree. However, Tina has completed enough classes in the Songwriting Degree at Berklee to count towards a Songwriting Minor, if there was an official minor of this type at the school.

Combining her passion for helping songwriters understand their rights and her knowledge of music publishing, Tina started the Berklee Licensing and Publishing Society (BLPS), Berklee’s first and only music publishing club, in the Summer of 2015. The club has two main goals: to educate the Berklee population on music publishing, including copyrights, performing rights organizations, etc., and to facilitate relationships for songwriters at Berklee with people who can further their career, such as performers, producers, and professional publishers and licensors at our events.

Upon graduation, Tina will be moving to Nashville, TN and is currently looking for a job in the publishing industry down there. Ideally, Tina would like to work in Music Supervision or Film, Television, and Advertisement Synchronization. To contact Tina about any job offers, visit the Contact page. Tina also hopes to help other unsigned artists in Nashville by doing independent publishing consultations at the hourly rate. For more information or to request a Independent Artist Consulting session, you guessed it! Visit that page and feel free to poke around the rest of the cite. Thanks for stopping by!


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