Independent Artist Consultation

Have questions about Music Publishing? Want to further your career but are unsure about where to go next? I’m here to help! I studied both Songwriting and Music Business – Management with an emphasis in Licensing and Publishing. At Berklee, I created the Berklee Licensing and Publishing Society (BLPS) to help educate songwriters on their publishing, and was so glad to see how much it helped their career. As most songwriters at Berklee are also independent artists, I got a lot of experience using the Management component of my degree by informing them about what good next steps are for their music career.

Sessions start a $20 an hour. Book a 1 or 2 hour long session with me and I’ll take a look at what you’ve accomplished so far, and we can talk about what your next steps are! Think of me like a manager that doesn’t take a percentage off of everything you do.