Welcome to my brand new page! It’s been…geez…almost 6 years since there has been any significant change to this website, but strap in, darlin’ because that’s about to change. It took me a while but I now know how to manage a website. Yay, college! Anyway, there are a lot more features on this website than the old one that I want you to check out. First, a new bio about what I managed to accomplish at Berklee. Then, a place to go to with all of my important contact info, otherwise known as the Contacts page. There’s also a page where you can request a 1-on-1 independent publishing consultation with me! Finally, I’ll try to get more original songs on my Original Music page because I’m still hoping to co-write and sing at the occasional open mic or two. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you send me an email and at least let me know what you think of the new website!